Freedom from Alcohol

Alcoholics Anonymous defines sobriety as “freedom from alcohol”.

The first night I went out sober with my friends, I had a moment when I felt relieved to actually be in control for once. As we all sat around the table at the bar, I realized that for the first time I was entirely present.

There are many types of freedom that I gain when I am not drinking, but most importantly, I am myself when I am sober. … Read More Freedom from Alcohol


Never just ‘one drink’

When I drank, I always drank to get drunk. I thought this was normal. Once I crossed that two-drink line I just couldn’t stop. I hated having one drink, I either felt frustrated that I couldn’t have more, or afraid that I would lose control. For me, ‘just one drink’ is too risky.

One of favourite points that my Dad brings up is that alcoholism is not a result of low willpower. What takes more willpower than being addicted to alcohol and not having a single drink?… Read More Never just ‘one drink’

About me

By all accounts I am a typical 22 year-old college student. My binge-drinking drinking started in my first year of high school and continued into my early twenties. Despite trying to control my drinking, I just couldn’t stop. My breaking point was Dec. 31, 2017. With the support of my father, I realized that if I continued drinking, it would kill me. Today, I am taking it one day at a time. I am being sober for me. … Read More About me