Tips from month 1

Today is my 24th day sober, I am almost at the one month mark. Starting to experience life sober is only one half of the journey. Being honest with myself that I am an alcoholic has been the other part. Here’s what has helped me the most so far:

#1 Speaking with other alcoholics, often

I am very fortunate, my dad is an alcoholic and has been an invaluable resource. Speaking to him almost every day helps give me the energy to keep going and hope for the future.

I have also been attending AA meetings, although I have not yet committed to a home group or sponsor. Listening to other people’s stories helps me feel less alone and see to alcoholism as a disease, rather than a lack of willpower or character flaw.

To find AA meetings, Google “AA Meetings” and your region as chapters operate locally.  

#2 Googling “Sober Celebrities”

I am not kidding, when I can’t sleep at night this really helps. Reading their quotes and learning celebs I didn’t even know were sober helps me feel less alone. One of my favourite quotes was from Kristen Davis, about her occasional desire to drink a glass of wine.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 10.51.58 PM.png

27 Celebrities Who Don’t Drink

10 Inspiring Female Celebrities Who Don’t Drink

Donald Trump and Nine Other Teetotalling Moguls

#3 Having patience 

Patience has become a very central part of my life. I am being patient wth myself as I:

  • Consider and explore various treatment methods
  • Experience what type of activities I enjoy sober
  • Become comfortable with the traditions of AA meetings
  • Use coffee, sugar or diet pop as a source of comfort
  • Knowing that I should really try mediating…

In the end I just remember, I’m not drinking today. I didn’t drink yesterday, so what makes today any different? When it comes to everything else, I am patient.

I really liked the Elite Daily article,  ‘I’m Never Drinking Again’: How Life Gets Better When You Mean It  by Carly Benson that paints a positive picture of what sober life can looks like. You can also check out her blog,!

I hope that these tips may be helpful to others, what has worked for you?


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