Doing activities alone

In AA, people talk often about being comfortable in their own skin. Both about how alcohol once fixed this problem, and how as a result of AA has helped them to build this inner confidence after becoming sober.

When I think about what I want my life to look like, my sober life, I want it to be full of experiences and positivity. I want to take advantage of not being hung over, but more than that, I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

I was spending this week at my parent’s place and I felt disappointed with myself. I was just sitting around, watching TV and stuffing my feelings down with food.

When I envisioned the person I wanted to be, I saw myself going for hikes, snowboarding, and visiting new coffee shops.

On Tuesday, I decided this would be the day. After I picked my sister up, we would go to one of hiking spots that my mom had recommended. When my sister got home that afternoon, all she wanted to do was sleep. At first I felt so frustrated, but then I realized that I had to comfortable doing activities alone.

So I took a shower, got dressed and jumped in the car. After some searching,  I finally found a nice hiking spot by the river. I felt so nervous, so uncomfortable being by myself, but I pushed through.

I believe that being alone will become easier, it’s just something I have to work at.




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