Dialing your recovery up and down

I was at a conference for fitness and nutrition this past weekend and one of the speakers had a very interesting topic, How the pause button mentality is ruining your health and fitness.

Now stay with me here.. although his talk was in the context of fitness and nutrition, he also spoke more generally about overall wellness.

The message that really stood out to me was the concept of “adjusting the dial”, rather than hitting the pause button. This was the moment when I thought about how this idea can be related to the process and activities of recovery. … Read More Dialing your recovery up and down


Recovery on Vanderpump Rules

I love reality TV, and sometimes I struggle to decide if watching some of my favourite shows is helpful or damaging to my recovery.

Ever since I realized I was an alcoholic, I started to see things differently. I know that it’s important not to judge others, that alcoholism is not black and white. My dad always tells me that it’s important not to be jealous or angry with people that can drink or choose to drink.

I’ve been re-watching Season 4 and it’s been powerful to watch the beginning of Shay’s recovery journey. In the current season, Shay is sober from both pills and alcohol, but in season 4 he is honest about his addiction to pills, but initially does not avoid alcohol. … Read More Recovery on Vanderpump Rules

Working at a bar in recovery

Last year in college, I started working part-time at a restaurant. I had about $300 in my bank account by November and I needed a JOB. I always served in the summers so it was an easy choice to pick out a job working at a casual bar and grill.

Most of the time, being around alcohol at work doesn’t bother me. Just like the food, it becomes a product in your mind.. Also I usually work on the dining side where most people just have 1 drink.

But things aren’t always so easy. It’s kind of like how when you’re hungry, suddenly you want to eat every single plate of food coming out of the kitchen.… Read More Working at a bar in recovery

Letting go of negative thoughts

I was listening to the newest podcast episode of That’s So Retrograde with guest Shaman Durek.

Now this episode blew my mind.. I literally sat in my parking garage so I could keep listening. He speaks about his journey to becoming a Shaman, going to death and back, which is like listening to the craziest bed time story you’ve ever hear.

But the part that really stuck with me the next day was his point about negative thoughts..

“I literally just hang up on bad thoughts when they come in.. like BYE BYE, wrong number”… Read More Letting go of negative thoughts

Sober Friday

Last weekend, I attended a lot of events sober that had previously been centered around drinking… well, they were still mostly about drinking for everyone else but me.

My friend from college was visiting me, and we went out Friday night to a bar/restaurant to re-connect with our friends.

Although I had fun, I still wished that drinking was just out of the equation. My dad told me that it takes time for you to start making positive memories in your sober life.

Here are my tips if you’re planning to go out this weekend with friends where drinking will be involved…… Read More Sober Friday

My 2-month mark

This past week, I reached my two-month mark. I had a big weekend ahead of me, I was hosting my college friend in town for a visit.

I was feeling very anxious all week leading up to the visit, especially for the evenings out which would involve drinking. I started to take steps to feel more centered and set myself up for success.

The part I most looked forward to was attending the first step meeting on Friday afternoon.

Read More My 2-month mark

Easy kale salad

As a college student cooking for one, kale is my favourite way to eat my greens. I can mix it in a salad, throw it in a bowl and heat it up, or frozen in my smoothies.

I recently started to marinate my kale in dressing and it is SO GOOD. It helps to soften the texture and adds so much flavour. Check out my go-to recipe for easy kale salad.… Read More Easy kale salad