Letting go of negative thoughts

I was listening to the newest podcast episode of That’s So Retrograde with guest Shaman Durek and I can’t stop talking about it.

This episode blew my mind.. I literally sat in my parking garage so I could keep listening. He speaks about his journey to becoming a Shaman, going to death and back, which is like listening to the craziest bed time story you’ve ever hear.

But the part that really stuck with me the next day was his point about negative thoughts. He talks about we as people are inherently positive beings, but darkness brings negative feelings such as insecurity, doubt and fear, that cloud our spirit.

When asked about specific strategies to live a better life, he talks about dealing with negative thoughts. He says that when negative thoughts come in, just let them go…

“I literally just hang up on bad thoughts when they come in.. like BYE BYE, wrong number”. *

I saw a strong connection between this concept, of letting negative feelings pass through us, rather than holding on to them, with the prayers in the Big Book.

“God forgive me where I have been resentful, selfish, dishonest or afraid today”

Today I set the intention to work on letting negative thoughts go and the positive feelings thrive.

*I definitely want to listen to the episode again soon, I’m trying to find the exact time he says “bye bye, wrong number” haha. Once I do, I will update the post! 




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