The word focus has been on my mind since Friday.

I’ve been busy the last couple days, between work and hosting a birthday for a friend, and I have my two finals this week. On Friday afternoon, those small feelings of worry started to creep in, of “How am I going to get everything done”… “Did I mess up and make the wrong decisions?”

But then I then I thought about the morning and serenity prayer. I realized that I had to trust my decision-making, both in past and present.

So I told myself that over the next few days I would just focus, and that gave me a sense of calm. I think being confident in yourself, and having faith in your higher power, gives you that serenity you need.

In general, I try to balance my drive to get the most out of life, reach my potential, and work towards goals with taking caring of myself by being ok to just chill out.

One practical tip I have to focus is to set a timer. I find this especially helpful for studying, or if I want to work on something before I have to head out the door. Check out this article from The Skinny Confidential on Time blocking

So for the next few days, “Focus” is my mantra to help me feel at peace.





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