Turning down a drink

Telling people I don’t drink, and turning down drinks, has been an interesting journey.

There’s different types of telling people you don’t drink…

Turning down a drink – simply saying no. Sometimes just shaking my head no, or saying “No thanks, I’m good!” is enough. Other times, such as when I’m with my friends after work, I’ll provide a simple reason such  as “I’m driving later” or “I’m just not feeling well”

I’m ok really, I’m not drinking – this is a tricky one for me.. What to say when simply saying no isn’t enough? It’s my last shift tonight at the restaurant and I’m not nervous, because I know that I don’t want to drink today, but part of me does dread having to go through the whole routine. Oh well! Still better than drinking.

I’m not drinking anymore. I’ve been starting to experiment with this version of telling someone who I’m friends with that I don’t drink, but without having to provide a full explanation. It kind of goes like this..

“Hmm.. well I want to come but I’m not drinking anymore so I’ll just come to hang out”

“What? What do you mean you don’t drink anymore, like forever?”

> This is one where you can keep it simple and say, yeah I’m not drinking for the next few weeks, I haven’t been feeling too great”

“Yeah, drinking has just got me in a trouble lately so I’m taking a break for a while” *I tend to say this in a playful tone, and again only to someone that knows me well and my character.

I think if I met someone new, I would just say that I don’t drink, and not provide any type of explanation. It’s been a transition though with my friends or co-workers who knew me from when I did drink

One reason I decide to tell someone I know that I’m not drinking really at any point in the near future, is  because it takes some of the pressure off when I’m out. It’s one less person who’s going to try and buy me a shot or offer me a sip of their beer.

What has been your experience communicating your sobriety to different types of friends, co-workers or acquaintances?



One thought on “Turning down a drink

  1. People close to me know that I am sober. For good. People I work with have noticed and I just tell them I am taking a break. I feel like most people don’t really care when I pass on a drink. There are some assholes who will push the issue but I just brush them off becasue they kind of suck.

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