A 100th birthday party

Today I attended a 100th birthday party for my mom’s godmother.

I remember when she was 99 years old last year and we thought that was impressive!

She was close friends with my grandmother and like a second grandmother when I was growing up. She was always so sweet, warm, and fed us way too much.

I attended the event with my parents, sister, aunt, uncle and cousins.

Her biggest piece of advice? Smile and laugh as much as you can.

The speeches about her all spoke to her loving and kind nature. I didn’t know that she had been a second mom or grandmother to so many others in her 100 years. 

On a side note, it was a little strange to be around my family members drinking, especially at a daytime event. 

When the round of champagne when around, I knew from my Dad that it is only symbolic. 

Although I felt uncomfortable, it wasn’t really about the presence of alcohol itself. I think it was a combination of feeling emotional after the birthday speeches and experiencing the custom of champagne sober for the first time.

It was nice to have my Dad there beside me, who has been sober for six years. 

In a way, I almost felt guilty about even focusing on this relatively minor part of the occasion in light of celebrating such a special birthday. 

But I guess feelings just come up, and moments happen but then they pass.

Those feelings of discomfort quickly faded and I only hope that I can carry on a part of my mom’s godmother’s kindness. 


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