The 6 week trip begins! Day 1 in Rome

This Wednesday night I left with my sister to begin a 6-week backpacking trip in Europe! 

When I had my last drinking episode this past New Year’s, I remember my Dad telling me that in my condition, it would be unsafe for me to travel.

I remember at the time, the idea of not drinking in general was still impossible, and one of the arguments I tried to use with myself was that I liked alcohol for the taste.

So of course under this flawed reasoning, the concept of going to Italy and not having red wine, or drinking a beer on the beach, made me feel like I was somehow missing out on something. 

Although once I was fully honest with myself and accepted that I was an alcoholic, I knew that drinking for just the pleasure was simply not an option for me.

So I’ll be honest, I didn’t look at the upcoming trip as a motivator to stop drinking, because that would be temporary and it wouldn’t work.

So instead, I took it one day at a time.

And our first day, we had a great time without alcohol. I’m very lucky that as a form of extra support for the trip, my sister is not drinking either. 

Right now, I’m writing this in the kitchen, while I make some tea to build in some space apart.

How do you keep your sobriety and calm while traveling? 


Below are some pictures of our first day in Rome, you can also follow me on Instagram! @22andsober 

On the plane from Toronto!

The Colloseum right as you step out of the Metro.

Constantine’s Arc

Beautiful trees by the Forum ruins 

Walk downtown 

Pompa Tiramisu on the Spanish Steps with a surprise trumpet performance  


2 thoughts on “The 6 week trip begins! Day 1 in Rome

  1. I love the love between you two. My sister has been in alcoholism recovery for two years. I would love to take a vacation with her, and it wouldn’t bother me one bit if I couldn’t drink. Drinking is overrated anyways. Supporting your family is awesome. Have a blast!!

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