Sober travels, week 1 

My sister and I have officially hit the 1 week mark of our 6-week trip in Europe! 

We have been fortunate to have beautiful weather and visit incredible places. It has been a lot of fun to immerse ourselves into the Italian culture.

One of the highlights wherever we go in Italy is enjoying a cappuccino (or espresso) at the “bar”.

It’s funny because it Italy a bar is really a cafe that serves espresso, some food and drinks. The caffeine definitely helps us perk up after a long day or in the morning. 

The trip so far has been amazing sober. We are already so tired all of the time, I can’t imagine being hungover. 

It has also been comforting to always be in a state of alertness and clarity so we can enjoy all of the places we visit.

We recently stayed in a hostel when in Sorrento (on the southern coast of Italy near Amalfi), and it was a bit uncomfortable to listen to people talking about drinking, or going out…

But that’s all it is, just a mild feeling of discomfort that quickly disappears. I was telling my Mom on the phone yesterday that it’s kind of like someone talking about a restaurant that you had a bad experience at… which I think is a transition from it feeling like someone talking about cake when you’re on a diet haha.

In meetings, people always said that after the first year, they genuinely don’t feel that desire to drink anymore.

In my fifth month of sobriety, I am starting to feel that transition. I think that this trip is a real blessing because it makes me appreciate being sober as a means to get the most out of your life. 

I know that for people who are not alcoholics, they can enjoy a glass of wine, or even get bombed after a bad day, and I feel the the desire to do that myself less and less each day.

I think the feelings of discomfort I feel when people talk about drinking, are stemming more from my own bad memories, being reminded that I am powerless over alcohol. 

To end on a positive note, we had a great time in the south! We visited the island of Capri for the day which was surreal, it is like being on a deserted luxury island.

Our second full day, we hiked the Path of the Gods along the Amalfi coast. It is pretty crazy, at most of the trail you are literally walking on the edge of a cliff! 

During our travels, I have also started to share my sister’s love for a   Coca-Cola on a hot, sunny day!

How has traveling affected your perspective on sobriety?


2 thoughts on “Sober travels, week 1 

  1. I must admit how jealous I am. I would love to travel the world sober. And with my youth! Not that I’m old, but with a full time job and two kids, while my life is incredible, I don’t have those great journeys ahead. The ones involving backpacks and rails.

    Enjoy! Appreciated hearing and seeing your journey!

    I did do a solo trip across country sober. Reading your post makes me want to write and reflect more on that.

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