Today we are leaving Florence, on our way to Venice. Now this may sound crazy, but both my sister and I felt a bit disconnected from this city. 

We still had a lot of great moments in Florence and actually preferred the city at night which surprised us since nighttime is usually associated with drinking. 

Our highlights were seeing a Woody Allen movie at the historical Odeon theatre our first night, yummy street food, the David sculpture was amazing, and people watching in the squares. 

Michaelangelo’s David

Paninis from Antiqo e Vinaio

Gelato in Palazzo Vecchio, our favourite people watching spot

So it’s not like we had a bad time or anything, we just didn’t really “click” with the city if that makes sense.

Overall, I am happy that we came and grateful for the experience, but this city definitely taught us to be patient.

Thinking about everything one day at a time has kept me feeling calm and patient.

I am thankful for this part of the trip because I learned that I can still enjoy the nighttime if I’m sober, even prefer it to the daytime in certain environments.

Pink skies on our last night, looking out from Michaelangelo’s Piazza

Today, we leave Florence for Venice! Our plan is to take it easy today and start fresh tomorrow. I may also try to go to an English-speaking AA meeting in Venice, interested to see what it will be like! 

 It’s kind of crazy to know we are on such a long trip together (6 weeks!) so just taking it one day at a time…


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