I am a female, 22 year-old university student in my fifth year, completing two degrees. I’m an alumnae member of a sorority, work at a restaurant part-time, and I love reality TV. On the surface, I am just like my peers.

My binge-drinking drinking started in my first year of high school. I always drank to get drunk, I was sick often and had my first black out within 2 years, but I thought my drinking was normal. I went to a small high school, had good grades, and all of my friends liked to drink too.

I knew I had a drinking problem about halfway through my second year at university. There had been too many times where I had drank myself to the point of being sick and had found myself in dangerous situations, unable to take care of myself.

Despite trying to “control” my drinking, I continued to drink excessively.

The last draw was an incident that involved my family in December 2016. I went to a New Years party and became extremely ill from drinking. The crazy part was, I didn’t even want to get drunk that night. I didn’t understand what happened.

My dad, an alcoholic with six years of sobriety, saw the incident for what it was. I was an alcoholic. January 1st was the day my journey to sobriety and a better life began. I realized that if I continued drinking, it would kill me.

I am writing my stories to chronicle my journey and connect with other alcoholics, especially young women. I hope that I can help to reduce the stigma surrounding alcoholism and what an alcoholic “looks like”.

I am taking it one day at a time. I’m not drinking today, I didn’t drink yesterday.