Turning down a drink

Telling people I don’t drink, and turning down drinks, has been an interesting journey.

There’s different types of telling people you don’t drink…… Read More Turning down a drink


Smoothie bowls!

Recently, I have become OBSESSED with smoothie bowls. It all started when I had made my morning smoothie one day, and it was way too cold and thick. So I thought hmm.. what to do? I was starving..

So I just poured it into a bowl, put some cereal on top and I fell in love.

It’s a win-win because I feel more full than if I just ate a smoothie AND I get to eat cereal, one of my favourite foods!

Right now I’m just keeping it simple, see below: … Read More Smoothie bowls!

Alcohol Awareness Month

This April, my Twitter feed was buzzing with tweets about Alcohol Awareness Month. Funded and sponsored by the NCADD since 1987, the purpose is to help reduce the stigma associated with alcoholism.

I had never heard of this month before, and to be honest it isn’t something I’ve seen pop up on own personal social channels. However, this year the #SoberNovember was all over my Facebook feed…

I hope that over time, the stigma around alcoholism will lessen, as we see changes happening around mental health and other substance abuse.

Just like recovery, it’s going to take one day at a time. … Read More Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol Awareness Share: “I’ve Been Sober For My Entire Twenties…”

My adolescence was riddled with substance abuse and insanity. I got sober at 19, thinking my life was over. Little did I know I was in store for a much more powerful ride by not drinking or drugging. Being sober, I’ve made plenty of terrible, impulsive, typical 20-something decisions. I’ve spent too much money, ate… via… Read More Alcohol Awareness Share: “I’ve Been Sober For My Entire Twenties…”


The word focus has been on my mind since Friday.

I’ve been busy the last couple days, between work and hosting a birthday for a friend, and I have my two finals this week. On Friday afternoon, those small feelings of worry started to creep in, of “How am I going to get everything done”… “Did I mess up and make the wrong decisions?”

But then I then I thought about the morning and serenity prayer. I realized that I had to trust my decision-making, both in past and present. … Read More Focus

Fear and “slips”

Yesterday at a meeting, one of the topics that we discussed was fear. It’s one of those loaded words, even just looking at it written on the whiteboard gave me shivers.

Lately, I have felt fear creep up on me when I realize that only I am responsible for my own sobriety. Nothing is stopping me from picking up a drink, it’s the one thing that I am completely in control of.

I remember someone making a joke about how people don’t have “slips” back into drinking, that it’s a calculated choice. … Read More Fear and “slips”