Turning down a drink

Telling people I don’t drink, and turning down drinks, has been an interesting journey.

There’s different types of telling people you don’t drink…… Read More Turning down a drink


Alcohol Awareness Month

This April, my Twitter feed was buzzing with tweets about Alcohol Awareness Month. Funded and sponsored by the NCADD since 1987, the purpose is to help reduce the stigma associated with alcoholism.

I had never heard of this month before, and to be honest it isn’t something I’ve seen pop up on own personal social channels. However, this year the #SoberNovember was all over my Facebook feed…

I hope that over time, the stigma around alcoholism will lessen, as we see changes happening around mental health and other substance abuse.

Just like recovery, it’s going to take one day at a time. … Read More Alcohol Awareness Month

Fear and “slips”

Yesterday at a meeting, one of the topics that we discussed was fear. It’s one of those loaded words, even just looking at it written on the whiteboard gave me shivers.

Lately, I have felt fear creep up on me when I realize that only I am responsible for my own sobriety. Nothing is stopping me from picking up a drink, it’s the one thing that I am completely in control of.

I remember someone making a joke about how people don’t have “slips” back into drinking, that it’s a calculated choice. … Read More Fear and “slips”

Pent up energy

It’s been a different last few weeks for me, everything is still going well but I’ve just been have these “episodes” where I just get overwhelmed by my emotions.

I don’t want to call them panic attacks, since they’re not at that level of physical intensity, but it’s like the pot bubbles over.

I had a conversation with a close friend yesterday and he said something that really struck a chord.… Read More Pent up energy

Working at a bar in recovery

Last year in college, I started working part-time at a restaurant. I had about $300 in my bank account by November and I needed a JOB. I always served in the summers so it was an easy choice to pick out a job working at a casual bar and grill.

Most of the time, being around alcohol at work doesn’t bother me. Just like the food, it becomes a product in your mind.. Also I usually work on the dining side where most people just have 1 drink.

But things aren’t always so easy. It’s kind of like how when you’re hungry, suddenly you want to eat every single plate of food coming out of the kitchen.… Read More Working at a bar in recovery

Sober Friday

Last weekend, I attended a lot of events sober that had previously been centered around drinking… well, they were still mostly about drinking for everyone else but me.

My friend from college was visiting me, and we went out Friday night to a bar/restaurant to re-connect with our friends.

Although I had fun, I still wished that drinking was just out of the equation. My dad told me that it takes time for you to start making positive memories in your sober life.

Here are my tips if you’re planning to go out this weekend with friends where drinking will be involved…… Read More Sober Friday

Sober in senior year

When I first started talking about becoming sober, my mom was worried about me being able to do it in college. A close friend suggested the same, that it would be easier to become sober after school ended, when I started working.

At first, I had those same fears, even though I knew I couldn’t just wait to graduate to quit drinking. How would I fill my weekends? What would my friends say?

Today I am grateful to be starting my journey to sobriety in college, these are my reasons.… Read More Sober in senior year