Turning down a drink

Telling people I don’t drink, and turning down drinks, has been an interesting journey.

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Sober Friday

Last weekend, I attended a lot of events sober that had previously been centered around drinking… well, they were still mostly about drinking for everyone else but me.

My friend from college was visiting me, and we went out Friday night to a bar/restaurant to re-connect with our friends.

Although I had fun, I still wished that drinking was just out of the equation. My dad told me that it takes time for you to start making positive memories in your sober life.

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Telling my friends that I’m an alcoholic

I have been struggling lately with telling my close friends that I am now sober for good. To people that I’m not very close to, I just say I’m not drinking that night. However, to the friends that I feel really know me, I find it difficult not to fill them in on what has happened.

I have to remind myself that my intention should not be to make my friends feel sorry for me, although I will be honest I fall into this trap.

There was a very funny article I read that made me feel normal and laugh about the reactions I’ve received. I hope that you check it out and enjoy it as much as I did!

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