Today we are leaving Florence, on our way to Venice. Now this may sound crazy, but both my sister and I felt a bit disconnected from this city.  We still had a lot of great moments in Florence and actually preferred the city at night which surprised us since nighttime is usually associated with drinking. … Read More Accountability 

Planning vs. the present

I’ve noticed that since beginning my recovery journey this January, I’ve become a lot less obsessed with planning…

As a consequence of reminding myself “One day at a time”, I started to think less about the future.

Thinking about the future used to be one of my favourite activities. Wondering, what will my life be like when I started this new job? When the season changes? During an upcoming trip? When I’m 35?

I didn’t really notice how my thinking had shifted until recently… when people started asking me questions, such as..… Read More Planning vs. the present