Off the grid

So I kind of just fell of the WordPress grid over the last four weeks. I’m back home now after my trip, starting to direct my energy back into the activities that made me feel good, like writing. What happened? Long story short, I received an email from my school and learned that I was… Read More Off the grid

Travels in Roma 

It is a surreal feeling to visit a Italy for the first time, which is home to so much history, culture and beauty.

It has been a blessing to enjoy this trip sober, to not have that fear of something going wrong, or to be consumed by thoughts about alcohol.

Today my favourite moment was a fountain the Vatican Museum…… Read More Travels in Roma 

Smoothie bowls!

Recently, I have become OBSESSED with smoothie bowls. It all started when I had made my morning smoothie one day, and it was way too cold and thick. So I thought hmm.. what to do? I was starving..

So I just poured it into a bowl, put some cereal on top and I fell in love.

It’s a win-win because I feel more full than if I just ate a smoothie AND I get to eat cereal, one of my favourite foods!

Right now I’m just keeping it simple, see below: … Read More Smoothie bowls!

Dialing your recovery up and down

I was at a conference for fitness and nutrition this past weekend and one of the speakers had a very interesting topic, How the pause button mentality is ruining your health and fitness.

Now stay with me here.. although his talk was in the context of fitness and nutrition, he also spoke more generally about overall wellness.

The message that really stood out to me was the concept of “adjusting the dial”, rather than hitting the pause button. This was the moment when I thought about how this idea can be related to the process and activities of recovery. … Read More Dialing your recovery up and down

Recovery on Vanderpump Rules

I love reality TV, and sometimes I struggle to decide if watching some of my favourite shows is helpful or damaging to my recovery.

Ever since I realized I was an alcoholic, I started to see things differently. I know that it’s important not to judge others, that alcoholism is not black and white. My dad always tells me that it’s important not to be jealous or angry with people that can drink or choose to drink.

I’ve been re-watching Season 4 and it’s been powerful to watch the beginning of Shay’s recovery journey. In the current season, Shay is sober from both pills and alcohol, but in season 4 he is honest about his addiction to pills, but initially does not avoid alcohol. … Read More Recovery on Vanderpump Rules