Today we are leaving Florence, on our way to Venice. Now this may sound crazy, but both my sister and I felt a bit disconnected from this city.  We still had a lot of great moments in Florence and actually preferred the city at night which surprised us since nighttime is usually associated with drinking. … Read More Accountability 

Travels in Roma 

It is a surreal feeling to visit a Italy for the first time, which is home to so much history, culture and beauty.

It has been a blessing to enjoy this trip sober, to not have that fear of something going wrong, or to be consumed by thoughts about alcohol.

Today my favourite moment was a fountain the Vatican Museum…… Read More Travels in Roma 

Planning vs. the present

I’ve noticed that since beginning my recovery journey this January, I’ve become a lot less obsessed with planning…

As a consequence of reminding myself “One day at a time”, I started to think less about the future.

Thinking about the future used to be one of my favourite activities. Wondering, what will my life be like when I started this new job? When the season changes? During an upcoming trip? When I’m 35?

I didn’t really notice how my thinking had shifted until recently… when people started asking me questions, such as..… Read More Planning vs. the present

Sober Friday

Last weekend, I attended a lot of events sober that had previously been centered around drinking… well, they were still mostly about drinking for everyone else but me.

My friend from college was visiting me, and we went out Friday night to a bar/restaurant to re-connect with our friends.

Although I had fun, I still wished that drinking was just out of the equation. My dad told me that it takes time for you to start making positive memories in your sober life.

Here are my tips if you’re planning to go out this weekend with friends where drinking will be involved…… Read More Sober Friday

About me

By all accounts I am a typical 22 year-old college student. My binge-drinking drinking started in my first year of high school and continued into my early twenties. Despite trying to control my drinking, I just couldn’t stop. My breaking point was Dec. 31, 2017. With the support of my father, I realized that if I continued drinking, it would kill me. Today, I am taking it one day at a time. I am being sober for me. … Read More About me