Off the grid

So I kind of just fell of the WordPress grid over the last four weeks. I’m back home now after my trip, starting to direct my energy back into the activities that made me feel good, like writing. What happened? Long story short, I received an email from my school and learned that I was… Read More Off the grid


Today we are leaving Florence, on our way to Venice. Now this may sound crazy, but both my sister and I felt a bit disconnected from this city.  We still had a lot of great moments in Florence and actually preferred the city at night which surprised us since nighttime is usually associated with drinking. … Read More Accountability 

Planning vs. the present

I’ve noticed that since beginning my recovery journey this January, I’ve become a lot less obsessed with planning…

As a consequence of reminding myself “One day at a time”, I started to think less about the future.

Thinking about the future used to be one of my favourite activities. Wondering, what will my life be like when I started this new job? When the season changes? During an upcoming trip? When I’m 35?

I didn’t really notice how my thinking had shifted until recently… when people started asking me questions, such as..… Read More Planning vs. the present